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I found a 1993 300SE with 140k for $13.9 at Luxury Motors in Downers Grove, IL.

I have owned SAABs in the past and did much of my own work due to the cost to repair. eventually, I parted with them due to the "love/hate" relationship-Love the car/hate to maintain it.

I have always longed for a Mercedes S Class. Saftey is a big appeal, as well as the simple beauty and engineering.

-What are the maintenance costs on a car like this, generally?
-Are there "mileage flags" such as Water Pump @ 100K, Master Cylinder @ 150K?

Bottom line...will a car like this nickel and dime me?
I would definitely suggest you look at this seriously. The W140 S-Class cars are great (albeit all the problems noted by the others here, which are all valid). One thing I would add is that the price is definitely on the high side (I'm assuming no major work was done - A/C evaporator, Suspension, etc.). You should probably look at $10K or so....definitely not 13.9 (K - I'm assuming you omitted the k). If you can't get the price down you should probably pass...There will be other W140s you can look at if you really want one. And yes, they get addictive after you get your first S-Class (especially a W140). Hope this helps..
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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