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I couldn't find my posts with the shifter issues, so here's the followup on that one.
The shifter did start to work for a day, but failed again in first with the lock out for failed brake lights. Replaced the shifter with a match from Ebay, and it worked great for one night. My son went off happy as a clam his car was driving fine. The next morning, the key would not open the door. He used the manual key, but the ignition would not respond to his two electronic keys. The keys act as if they are from another car. You cannot turn the key in the ignition. New batteries didn't help. The OBDII tester shows a linking problem with the car.
Is it possible the new shifter is the problem?
Could a fuse supplying the ECM be the culprit? I'm at a loss on this car. Too many problems for a kid's first car...especially an MBZ.
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