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2002 E430 Sprt/w W211 wheels
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It took about 30 years to get the message that "oil change 3000" no longer apply with modern technology, so what do you expect?
Advantage of synthetics is high % of molybdenum in it. Molybdenum penetrates metal surface and gives it good lubrication even with no oil pressure. Just like Teflon in lot of electric motors and small gears, who can work for years with no oil at all.
Meaning 30 weigh modern oil gives way better protection than 50 weight from 20 years ago.
My SL500 had actuall oil pressure gauge. When filled with modern oil and driven in 120F weather, the gauge at idle would show a touch above 0, occasionally showing actuall 0.
That's why car manufacturer cancel pressure gauges on modern cars, becouse uneducated owners panic too easy.
Lastly , if you are really worry, Blackstone Lab charges $28 for oil test. Shipping included.
Makes perfect sense. It's more of a stereotype, also when I compare my old E430's oil cap with this one which was on conventional oil for the last 4 years of PO, this one is way cleaner of sludge than my old one with "Approved" overpriced synthetic oils, the cap on that got some sludge after a few days of cleaning, so I think changing it on time with frequent intervals is more important than the oils being used and my baby runs as smooth on Walmart Synthetic as the old one with Liqui Moly and Castrol Edge.
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