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2007 Mercedes C 230 Sport Sedan
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Hello to all & Merry Christmas! I live in Indiana (back & forth between Ft. Wayne & Indianapolis), and this is my first Mercedes purchase. I just finished a contract job in Chicago & in lieu of payment decided to purchase a vehicle from a Mercedes dealer there. I have always been a big fan of the Mercedes SL500, but in the interest of practicality & affordability, I decided to go with a 2007 C 230 Sport. I have to say I love everything about this car, & although I would've liked to have bought a convertible 2-door, I needed a vehicle I could use for picking my son up from pre-school & get around town in.

I looked at a lot of cars for several months before finally choosing this one, & I have not been disappointed. I've test driven BMW's & couple of Lexus Sedans, and even considered going to a new Chevy Tahoe, but in the end I'm so glad I decided to go with the Mercedes. First class on every level is probably what sealed the deal for me, but I also have to admit that I like all the options & little gadgets the car comes with.

I grew up watching my neighbor "baby" his SL500 Convertible & always thought that someday that'll be the car I buy, but with a 4yr old it's simply not the right time. I don't feel like I sacrificed too much though, although the SL500 is still on my list & someday I'm certain I'll get one before getting too old to appreciate it. Hopefully after my son graduates high school.

I'd like to express my gratitude to all of the folks here who've posted such great information. For me it's a big deal since I was a little leery at first of having to take my car to one of the overpriced dealers (at least that's been my experience locally, hence the out of state purchase). Without the input of these folks, it would've taken me a while to figure out the little "tricks" of all the little gadgets in the vehicle, and I work in the tech industry!

On another note, and I realize this probably isn't the forum for it, but I'll ask anyway... I have a front license plate frame I'd like to put a Mercedes Plate in. If anyone has a front plate for sale, or knows of a good website where I can get a good deal on a MB Plate, I'm looking for one that's either Gloss Black Background with a chrome MB Symbol, all chrome in color, or chrome background with a Black MB Symbol.

If someone owns a front MB Plate (open to almost any style) or knows of a site that sells one at a reasonable price, please email me. Here's a link to one I found on Amazon that's what I'd ideally like to get, & barring the price it's ideal for my purposes:

Some other things I'd like to purchase/get info & input on:
*A MB Keychain (preferably breakaway but open to any slick design)
*An extra key, because I only got 1 & I know these aren't cheap ($400 is what I've heard). Any suggestions on where to get one cheaper than directly from the MB Factory? What can I expect to pay?
*Possibly an extended warranty since my current warranty will expire soon, however I'm not sure when. Would love some more info on this if someone wants to send me an email or PM. This is an '07 C-230 Sport w/46k miles.
*If I'm eligible for MBCare & if so how do I get signed up/what does it cover?

Thanks in advance for any help and info you can share with me. If you have items for sale or want to contact me directly instead of posting please send me a PM or email. Merry Christmas! ;)

Andrew in Indy

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