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Bought a '97 S-500 a couple of months ago, and it is now my turn to learn about Mercedes maintenance first hand. I have heard and read that dealers are a rip-off, and there is no warranty involved in this case. General thoughts are welcome. I live in Washington DC, so any area specific tips would be very welcome.

The problem started yesterday, when I turned on the right turn signal the right arrow on the dashboard flickered for a moment or two and then the left arrow began to flash as if I had selected for a left turn. I tried operating the right turn signal a dozen or so times during the journey, but by the time I got home the flickering of the right dashboard arrow had ceased when initiating a right turn signal, and when I moved the lever to either right or left turn position I got a normally blinking left dashboard arrow. In the garage I checked and found that all of the left turn signals on the outside of the car also flash normally when either the right or left turn signal lever is engaged.

So, do I just leave it with someone to "look at", or should a good mechanic know from the description above what is wrong and how to fix it? Is this a good verbal test of a prospective mechanic to see if he knows his business with a W-140? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance to all who respond.

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blinker problems

i have seen similar things on the 210 chassis
with water getting in the L/F S.A.M.(Fuse box)
but nothing on the 140 chassis
163 chassis eat multifunction combo switchs
(Blinker headlight switch)
also make sure the hazzard switch isnt sticking
i have yet to see this problem on 140, but you could change blinker switch yourself with a few tools
good luck let me know if you need any help doing
the job........ [email protected]
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