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First gear start and kickdown ROCK!

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I somehow found the mental resources and succeded to get a working kickdown solenoid installed in the AMG. WOW! I now have first gear start AND kickdown into first! Along with the 6000rpm FPR, this has transformed the car into a real nice beast. I took my wife for a test drive to demonstrate the changes in performance and there was a jogger down the country road and we blew by him as he was running towards us. I gave him half the road to be considerate and saw a 1-2 shift at 5000rpm and a 2-3 shift at 5900rpm at 72mph indicated(maybe 79 true corrected for the speedo error). We turned it around about half a mile down the road and on the way back repeated the drill. My wife and I were almost in tears as we came back up on the jogger and he almost wrecked trying to get off the road as we were flying by. The 3" exhaust, 6000rpm, and blasting triple digit speeds are an intimidating combination!

Thanks for all the help guys! Having a freakin blast with this car!

Now to get that 1-2 shift point up a little :)
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i don't have ABS... so the FGS won't work for me?
that's what i mean. i have to connect teh abs pulses to use the aftermarket FGS... and i hear bergwerks is pretty much extinct...
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