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Hello to all. I'm obviously new to the forum, and I need a little advice. I've found an '03 CLK55 AMG for sale. 81k miles, clean car fax, no evidence of accidents for $20k.
I'd like to know what I can expect from this model: items or systems that seem to fail at predictable intervals i.e. fuel pumps, brake system components other than the obvious pads and rotors; common items or system problems over all such as keyless ignition problems, sensors, displays, etc., fuel mileage?

I've read elsewhere about Valeo radiators in the 209.376 chasis being prone to leaking coolant into the trans cooler secton of the radiator and destroying the friction material in the trans., basically ruining it.
Has anyone had this problem? How can you tell if this has happened to a particular vehicle? Is there trans fluid present in the coolant or vice-versa? Has anyone just simply installed an auxilary trans cooler and by-passed the in-radiator cooler? How much is a relacement trans for these cars?

I know, I know, alot of questions, but I'd like to make sure about this vehicle. The more I look at pictures of it, the more I fall in love with the styling.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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