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Just bought a 2000 E55 love the car I live by MD but seen it on yahoo auto in Chicago for 11k. I took a chance and didn't go see just got it shipped I was worried but when it arrived it was great I love driving this car. I had a 97 sts before this and this car beat my old one to the ground. I what get some black head lights and thing of going to speed tuning in Md to upgrade the ecu is that safe? also I have some 20s ice Metal brand what wheel size will I need to avoid rubbing? Glad to be here any info would help. right now it is stock but I want to make some mods kleeman is too expensive but if anyone can tell me some good low cost upgrades may be air intake or some I would consider. I had a problem with a sensor a position sensor but got it fixed.

E55 YEah
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