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Firewall hole

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What is this hole in firewall,has a gasket around hole .It is behind the inner fender liner,drivers side .See picture.Nothing goes into it.


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I have seen the same hole on my truck. In my case, it has a plug which looks like it is going to fall off... I can feel cold air blowing on my feet no matter what the position for the hot air is. I have the feeling that this is the body access plug which costs around $3 (PN 110-987-09-44) and it has something at least partially to do with the cold air in my feet. I am going to replace it and put rubber glue around it, sometime during the Christmas holidays. I will post an update if replacing it lowered or completely took care of the cold air issue.
I can feel the cold air only in the winter when the outside temperatures drop below 35 F. But the cold air might be due to the poorly designed air vent at the feet, as mentioned on some previous posts here on the forum. It is till the old design installed on my truck.

Copper 90680, thanks for the suggestion! :) Didn't think of using something as simple as duct tape but it makes sense to try it! I will put some over the long weekend.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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