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Welcome to the forum
Please complete your Profile with year (????) and model (????) of your car visible to everyone reading your posts (similar to my profile next to this).
Members who want to reply / give advice are not likely to search an entire thread for the one posts where you mention the model and year of your car.
Also, Mercedes made different spec versions of same chassis cars for different parts of the world
, so to get correct advice adding the Model and at least a general location (Country) is in your own best interest as the info helps generate responses.

Mercedes Type / Chassis come with different sizes and types of engines.
BenzWorld sections are organized according to chassis, usually one letter followed by a 3 digit number.

To find your section please click forums top left, and scroll the drop down list to your cars chassis

Clicking on your Avatar: Menu of options
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Clicking the 3 Vertical Dots, menu of options:
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Clicking FAQ will show how to navigate the forum, and take advantage of all function.
The archives contain a wealth of information in the form of DIY threads, video's, repair manuals and so forth.
Advanced Search in your section of the forum archives helps to find threads related to your issues,

If you already found the forum section for your car, using 'Search Community' in the top banner, with options of searching your forum section, or the entire site. might be the easiest way.

(Clicking 'Advanced Search' on the bottom will take you to the option of the second from top image)

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