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finally signed up!

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I have been reading on this forum for a while and finally signed up.jollygreen1964 is my call sign I got that in Viet Nam, in 1964 when I was flying F-102's, I spent 3 years there. Any who I am an lod geiser and have been working on cars as a hobby since 1954, I currently have 10 , 7 of which are running well.Our current MB is a 1992 400E which we bought new. It has 55k on the odometer. My wife and I love driving it especially on longer trips, obviously we do not drive a lot, I split the driving in summer between my 94 Impala ss, my GMC syclone and my GMC typhoon and occasionally my 31 Model A Ford
and my wifes model A replica, of course all these cars have many modifications to them, including the Benz, thats what is all about for me, make them faster and handle better. We live in Northern Illinois so most toys are only out when there is no salt on the ground, currently we have 6" of snow on the ground!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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