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2003 Mercedes S320 CDi (W220)
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Sorry, not with a 600!

After selling the coupe back in August as I just couldn't bring myself to add to her 60k miles and then driving a 1996 C280 for a couple of months I have just purchased a 1996 S320 in Azurite Blue as my 'new' daily daily driver.

The expectation is that she will comfortably cover 2500-3000 miles per month for the next 6 months.

The good news:
- Owned by father and son in same family since new
- Full Mercedes service history
- Full Mercedes maintenance history (incl light bulbs!)
- Absolutely original
- All electrics incl soft close and headlamp wipers work

The bad news is that Mercedes only looked after the oily bits!
- Milage is 170k
- Interior is mushroom leather (dirty)
- Front wings are both rusted (new ones sourced and in the shed)
- Bumper scuffs and car park dooor dings (nothing serious)
- Rear Brake Discs are badly ridged (new pair on order)
- Wiper arm is slow at times, others normal (suspect motor bushes?)

The worst is that it has the dreaded vibration. So far I have:
- Had the tyres checked for damage and balanced
- Had the ball joints and tie rod / track rod ends checked
- Alignment done (was pulling left) and the left rear Camber is still out of spec.

There is still a bad vibration / wobble on the steering from 50mph and I suspect that the Pitman arm or ball joint betwen steering box and Steering rack are worn (solved the same symptoms on my 1996 C280)

What did she cost me?
The car was £800 and the remedial work to bring her back to a 7.5/8 out of 10 will mean that she will set me back less than £1400 in total!.

Having bought the car on Saturday and covered over 450 miles since and another 600 scheduled before Sunday, I can happily say that she is all I expected from her and more.

Updates on the damage symptoms and repairs will follow as will pics.

Thank you in advance to all of those that I know I will be relying on for advice over the coming months.


2003 Mercedes S320 CDi (W220)
340 Posts
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Making some headway!

I drove her to Cardiff to watch Wales play rugby against South Africa. Other than the bleeding Steering Wobble the drive was an absolute pleasure with the cruise control doing 90% of the work.

Pity about the cold weather (and lack of a garage) but so far
- Dirty Interior has been cleaned, treated and dyed
- Front wings have been replaced
- Rear Brake Discs still awaiting fitment

Decided to have a look at the Steering Wheel Vibration / Wobble yesterday and raised each front wheel just off the ground then spun each in turn. The tyres are clearly out of round so despite being 'balanced' and checked are definitely damaged. I moved tyres around and put the spare on too - there is a remarkable improvement so I guess my future includes at least two new tyres!. Currently, the car is fitted with what I believe are OE Pirelli P6000 235/60/16 W100.

Can't wait till I go away in a week or two and can drop her off at the body shop for some paint and a polish!

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