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Finally on this forum

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Hi guys!

Been a Mercedes owner for almost 3 years. I currently own a 1993 model, 200CE-16, which is in fact my first and best car (from being in shape point of view). Happened to have some other ones in the meantime, such as a superb W123 200D, or an extra-full-options (one A4 page of them, more than some E500s I know) W124 250TD which was actually a wreck. In the family there's another C140 I happily drive from time to time, but I love my C124 the most. As I recently realized how deep its fuel consumption goes into my pockets, I've had a sequential LPG system installed, and thus managed to reduce fuel cost to 55-60% of its previous level. Car still runs well, smoother overall, and just a little bit slower in acceleration.

Looking forward to discovering interesting people, cars and information on this forum.

Best regards from Romania!


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Wow, thanks for the welcome, Thorgod. What a story there! I'd have loved to be in your shoes :)

Why so late here? Because being active on a forum requires time, and I've been active in the Romanian Mercedes forum, not to mention my other extracurricular communities. I'm curious how this one works. So far I can only tell there's way more information than I can absorb on a daily/weekly basis.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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