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Finally Arrived

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Thank goodness Mardi Gras is finally over. My car is finally in and I will be picking it up tommorrow and 1pm. Still can't believe the day has finally arrived.

Iridium Silver
Ash leather
Premium package
Comfort package

Thanks to all on the board for making the wait tolerable.

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Congratulations! My car should be here next week. It is Iridium Silver/Red. Be sure and post some pics of your new car.
CONGRATS Larry!!! Good celebration season...[:eek:)][:eek:)][:eek:)]
Mine is now built, just 3 weeks to pickup. Congrats larry.
Congratulations Larry,

One accessory that your car is coming with that I didn't get is good weather. Enjoy your new car.

I tell ya Mel, you ought to come out this way...just another sunny top down day in California...[:D][8D][:D][8D][:D]
waiting for pics...[:)]
Congratulations larryd. Don't forget the photos I never get tied of looking at new photos.

Agent 1. [8D]
Congrats, Only another 2 weeks and 5 days for me, waiting for the 1st of March for the 05 plate.
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