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Finally a fix for the Date/Time issue for NTG 3 COMAND units available! ISO scheduled for removal 02/15/2020

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I discourage cross-posting, but if you do not frequent the Telematics forum, you may have missed it.

A fix has been created, tested, and is working with an extremely high rate of success for the clock issue that the W221 COMAND units have suffered from for over a year. Your date will sync properly to the GPS time, and the COMAND time will sync with the analog clock. When adjusted for DST on the COMAND, the analog clock will immediately reflect the new time.

Please watch the video so you know what to expect during the process, download the ZIP file in the description, and review the PDF file carefully as it has critical information on how to carry out the update.

I must stress this is not an update that is supported or provided by Daimler AG, MBUSA, LLC, or Harmon Becker, and none of the said entities can be held liable in the event your device is damaged as a result. Although no damage has been reported, it is done at your risk. This must be understood before proceeding to download the file and attempt the update.

I am happy to have helped get this to the W221 community free of charge. It is not something your dealer will likely do since it is not an "official" update, so please do not bother your dealer asking them to apply it. If you are uncomfortable following the instructions, ask a friend who may be more technically comfortable to do it for you. I am interested any all success and failures of this fix. So far, there have been zero reports of devices damaged by the application of this update, and only two instances where it was rejected which I am researching out of very many successful installations.

This update is now officially supported by your local dealer. Mention TIPS document LI82.85-P-069468 and call ahead and schedule an appointment. Also do not forget to ask regarding charges. It may be a free service, or there could a nominal charge.


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It should be in the description of the video in a ZIP file. Feel free to virus scan it with your scanner of choice after download. The ZIP extracts to two files - an ISO file and a PDF. Read the PDF carefully. If you agree to the terms in the PDF, write the ISO file as a Disk Image (not as a file) and simply follow the instructions in the PDF carefully. I recommend reading the PDF first in it's entirety before starting the process. It Is not as intimidating as it sounds, and you will smile with a working clock :

How do i get this done on my car w221
Do u have the zip file and the instructions.
this video does not show how to or where to get the file
That tells me your computer likely has dangerous malware installed on it possibly modifying files with itself to propagate, or you did not download it from as that domain has a valid SSL Certificate from a trusted certificate authority . What is the MD5 value for the ZIP file you downloaded and what variant is your software deeming it to be infected with? Would you kindly compare your hash values with what I have here?


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Generally the brand of media can play a part in whether or not the optical pickup can successfully read the media. A few things can narrow it down for us:

Can you make a copy of a press, aluminum CD in your computer and set the write speed at the slowest setting possible and see if the DVD changer will play the first track and the last track without any skips or interruptions?

Do you have any DVDs that you could duplicate legally in your locale that you can test playback of them to see if they play back skip-free and without pauses in the video?

I have had the best luck with with the Windows application CloneCD, which has a free 21 day trial, free of spyware, and will allow you to override the minimum write speed specified by the firmware of the CD writer in your computer. I have use the OS X Terminal on a Mac Pro with different variations, linux with some of the command line and GUI utilities, as well as various freeware and commercial applications and CloneCD so far has always come out ahead. Just specify 1X as the write speed. Verbatim blank media is my media of choice, so if you haven't tried that, it would be worth a shot. You can download it and use it with no restrictions for 21 days from here:

Please try that and report back.

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I also tried burning a DVD-R withe your file and got the same error massage that there is no valid update cd.
I appreciate your help. Thanks
Do you experience any issue playing other optical media, whether it be a pressed, retail purchase Compact Disc, or a DVD Video disc? Can you play audio, video, or MP3s from media written to by a PC?
There's nothing like taking another couple out for dinner and the snide voice in the back say's, "Hey, you know your clock isn't right?", and then I have to explain how I know and I had to park my car in the garage, out of view of a satellite and set the clock to daylight savings time and "I can't change it to standard time or it will goof the whole thing up"...etc, etc.

These are not the conversations I want to have when cruising in my S-Class(s).

So...TiffanyTwisted, you are a W221 hero!!! This update worked perfectly and the software and directions took care of a literal nagging issue. There was NO impact with any other function and it's just like it was before except now the clock setting functionality is restored. It was a leap of faith, but this is a real solution and I'm grateful for your generous contribution to fellow owners of this marque.

I wrote the image to a CD-R disc if it helps.
Thank you for your kind words. I am glad it worked for you and other fellow 216/221 owners. You hit the nail on the head - "nagging." My car didn't drive any differently, and the audio system sounded as good, and it was just as comfortable, but having the clock show an inaccurate time (it was not even correct two times per day!) was just frustrating and honestly made me feel like my vehicle was aging too rapidly as essentially the clock was "broken".

Daimler now has officially released the same code on 01/02/2020 that I posted on 10/29/2019, so it is good it is "officially supported. Since they have written their dealers instructions on how to deal with this, I may remove it shortly to stay out if their way and let them handle it.

BTW, I have another Orange and Green Compact Disc like in my avatar, but it has your screen name on it!? :ROFLMAO:
Is it possible to add partnumber A2218700693 to the CDI files in the ISO to support this model? It is NTG3.0
It would be possible but potentially dangerous. Is it refusing the CD in your vehicle?

Can you describe your vehicle's COMAND a little more - I presume ECE, but is a six DVD Changer model with Navigation?
My computer would not let me download it, it says it contains dangerous virus
If you were never able to carry out this update, your dealer is now able to do it for you. Call them and schedule an appointment and verify cost. Some I hear are doing it for free, but that could vary dealer to dealer. Check first regarding cost. Mention TIPS document LI82.85-P-069468

If you have already performed the update, there is no need to bother the dealer as it is the exact same code, bit by bit, that they will use. They do not have an "updated version" you not get any benefits.


If you peek into the CD_INFO.CDI file located at the root of the media, (you can open it with any text editor such as Notepad, vim, nano) you will seeatt numbers that are in brackets. These are the part numbers the COMAND looks for on the media, and if it doesn't see it's own MB Number in one of those lines, that particular update for some reason should not apply to that device. If you scroll down, it should reveal the MFG date as well. I would be curious to know what that is.
As stated, the ISO has been removed.
some working link to udate ISO , Please
It has been removed from the forum. Please see your dealer to have the update performed, or see if you can source the ISO from the dealer.
Thank you!
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