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Filters - ATF Service - Any Suggestions

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I would like to change all my filters in my 98 - 163K on the dash. I figured buying from MB dealer would be a little costly, so is there another place I could purchase all the filters for less of a cost. I was considering purchasing 8 qrts of Mobile 1, than having the oil changed than doing the filters my self, also what is the general cost for a ATF, I think I need it:D thank you
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air filters, fuel filters, cabin filters, at filters, oil filters for a 98 e320 you can buy either , , or any other site that sells mercedes parts. don';t forget to get the fleece one. oil can be purchased at any autostore in town. atf can be bought at the dealer, along with the at filter kit. all together is a little over / around $100. or you can buy it from the websites, as long as is the mb fluid for 722.6. with your mileage, your car probably needs it.
that's the specific mb fluid for you transmission. you have 163k miles, which is overdue for an at fluid/filter change. i would probably get the atf changed in the near future if i was you.
whoever you have doing the atf change, don't forget to tell them to drain you torque converter also. i drained about 8 litres of atf all together when i did mine a little bit ago.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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