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Filters - ATF Service - Any Suggestions

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I would like to change all my filters in my 98 - 163K on the dash. I figured buying from MB dealer would be a little costly, so is there another place I could purchase all the filters for less of a cost. I was considering purchasing 8 qrts of Mobile 1, than having the oil changed than doing the filters my self, also what is the general cost for a ATF, I think I need it:D thank you
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I just changed my oil and filter yesterday

It cost $6.99 per quart for mobil 1 extened performance at pruchased 9 @ 6.99 = $62 plus 14 for the filter. 76 plus tax Grease Monky charges $120. It only takes 20 min and you will need :

rag wrap around the filler to catch spills
4 mm socket to remove the plastic proctecting the oil pan.
8 or 10 mm socket for the drain lug.
Oil dip pan to catch the old oil.
Maybe a filter wrench to remove the filter cap.

This is so easy I will have my 8 year old do it next time.

Are you saying Jiffy Lube can't change the oil in a Chrysler.

Ok its not a Chrysler, its an E320 not really a Mercedes more like the poor mans Mercedes. The E series is more common than Tacos. My E320 has had more problems in 3 years than my 240d has had in 24 years. At least my 98 E320 was built in Stuttgart. It has every option available at the time and cost the 1st owners $47K! They lost $30K in 5 years!

Jiffy Lube did 2 oil changes on my E320 using bottled Mobil 1 and a OEM oil filter. I watched them the entire time and checked the oil level when I got home....perfect, it was even a women who did the work. The only reason I took the car to them was it was part of the deal when I bought the car it came with a 2 year warrenty and free mandatory oil changes, plus she did have a nice rack. I did have to pay for the upgrade to mobil 1. I'm doing the work now because I'm not paying $120 for an oil change. BTW just a few months after the warrenty expired all sorts of nice problems started poping up. CPS, MAS, ABS, belt tensioner, rear window regulators, sun roof. The dealer was out of thier mind for what they were asking for to complete the work.

BTY I've seen some shitty work perfomed by Phil Smart MB in Seattle and have had some very interesting conversations with so called "MB expert techs" which leads me to never drive my car into their shop again.

This agains points to the E series as the "poor mans Mercedes" because E series owners always turn GREEN when the service manager sits you down for the estimate as where other Mercedes class owners just want to know when the car wil be ready or never drive an out of warrenty Mercedes.
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and what kind of boats are the best? Your friends ...Yes you are screwed if you can use a wrench on a MB. I would bet MB hates these forums.
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