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Filters - ATF Service - Any Suggestions

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I would like to change all my filters in my 98 - 163K on the dash. I figured buying from MB dealer would be a little costly, so is there another place I could purchase all the filters for less of a cost. I was considering purchasing 8 qrts of Mobile 1, than having the oil changed than doing the filters my self, also what is the general cost for a ATF, I think I need it:D thank you
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If you change your ATF you should definitely change the drain pan gasket and the filter. I think those filters are only about $15 from the dealers, and the gasket $2-$3. With that job your highest cost, no matter where you buy it, will be the MB-spec ATF - expect to see that in the $15/qt range, and I think your car will need 8.5 quarts.

My dealer charged me about $200 for a "transmission service" which was a partial drain/refill @ 4 qts, filter, pan gasket, lock pin, and 1.5 hr labor.
Out of warranty MB

MichaelinSeattle said:
...never drive an out of warrenty Mercedes.
I have said this a number of times, and it seems mostly to fall on deaf ears. I learned my lesson the hard way (1st Mercedes was a high mileage one with at least 2 previous owners but it was cheap to buy!) It didn't take me too long, but a lot of money spent on repairs later, and I took a bath on that as a trade-in. One of my mottos: The most expensive car you can buy is a cheap Mercedes.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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