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Filters - ATF Service - Any Suggestions

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I would like to change all my filters in my 98 - 163K on the dash. I figured buying from MB dealer would be a little costly, so is there another place I could purchase all the filters for less of a cost. I was considering purchasing 8 qrts of Mobile 1, than having the oil changed than doing the filters my self, also what is the general cost for a ATF, I think I need it:D thank you
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slybydesignw210 said:
$200 is a great price for the to do transmission service, that I cant do my self, I would only do the reg filter, and pre-purchase the oil than get the oil changed some where else. Thank you for the input once I get the extra cash I will do the oil change first than the ATF, but does all dealers charge $200 for the tranny service?
Hey, Sly.

I'm confused by the reference to buying the oil to have it changed elsewhere. I don't know where you are, but lots of dealers do specials on oil changes, and you're not going to save any money by bringing them in a filter and oil. Most in this area charge around $100 to do the oil and filter, indies are a bit more than that, and if you buy the stuff you're looking at $75 or so. FWIW, changing oil on these cars is pretty simple, basic tools plus a filter wrench (you don't need the fancy vacuum unit, look up in the DIY Sticky thread for the pictorial post I did on it). But if you're not going to DIY it just take it in and have it done. By the way, if you do buy the stuff you need 9 quarts of 0W40 Mobil1; if you only put in 8 you'll start off about a half-quart low. Buy the extra, then you have a half-quart to add later.

Take care and enjoy the ride,
MichaelinSeattle said:
It cost $6.99 per quart for mobil 1 extened performance at pruchased 9 @ 6.99 = $62 plus 14 for the filter. 76 plus tax Grease Monky charges $120.
Anyone who takes a Mercedes to Grease Monkey should have their car seized by the powers of eminent domain and given to someone who knows -- at a minimum -- how not to abuse a car.

That said, generally I agree. A couple of your nut sizes are off, and you should never use a traditional filter wrench on the composite filter assembly. You can buy a proper wrench (composite is fine and probably preferred for the casual user) for $5 at most auto parts stores. And if you're changing oil by the drain method, you want to include the cost of a new crush washer for the drain plug, about .25 if you buy them from an on-line supplier.

Take care and enjoy the ride,
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