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92 300TE 4matic
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I have a 1992 300 te 4matic and I want to add some hydraulic suspension fluid to the reservoir in the engine compartment. When I look to unscrew the top there are two tubes screwed into fittings on top of the lid. I am concerned about unscrewing them from the lid and having air enter into the system. How does one properly fill the reservoir? I have looked in the manual and found no reference on this. It is probably simple, but I do not want to muck things up. Any help is appreciated.



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No unscrewing of anything necessary. You just grab that rubbery post-looking thing in the middle of the cap and wiggle it up and out of the reservoir. It's a dipstick.
Don't worry about getting air in the system. The reservoir is open to atmospheric air since the reservoir is vented.
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