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Anybody have a look at the viscous fan clutch in the ML? It's from Fichtel & Sachs. Some info:

"The fan clutch drives the fan in accordance with the required cooling amount. Hence, the fan can be run in intermittent duty. Since the number of revolutions is reduced, the noise is minimized. Moreover, the power consumption and hence the fuel consumption are reduced.

Fan output according to requirements – lighter, quieter, more economic specifically designed for commercial vehicles and busses. Sachs has manufactured bimetallic viscous fan clutches since 1992. It was a logical step to build on experience from the areas of sensor technology and light-weight design in the current development of Sachs viscous fan clutches. This allows the new viscous fan clutches to be controlled directly by the engine management which requires no more installation space than a conventional clutch, is only slightly heavier and consumes even less fuel.

Directly controlled Sachs viscous fan clutches (in this case: electromagnetic control from the engine). Sachs has also supplied plastic fans since January 1997 to match the viscous fan clutches."
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