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Hey guys...

Im looking to be an owner soon and I have a few questions Im sure you guys can answer...

Can the front end be raised an inch or so with the torsion bars? I know you can do this easily on GM trucks. Any suggestions? I want it to sit more level rather than the front rake.

Is anyone running an all terrain tire? I didnt see any that are a direct size match...Any suggestions?

Im about 5'9". Can I lay down in the back of the truck with the seats down? How comfortable/uncomfortable is it?

Thanks guys

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Yes you can raise it.

Most everybody stays at a 33" inch height tire. Lots of all terrains to choose from. The BFGs
have been a popular choice on the ML.
If I had the ML in high school I might able to answer the laying down question, but
would bet there is almost 6 feet of space. It would be uneven so a foam camping mat
might be handy.
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