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Here are a few notes from a just completed flex disc replacement for a 4matic. Notes are in bullet format, there are numerous write-ups but the 4matic has some quirks.

* my 2006 s430 4matic had 140k miles on it and vibrates at times, around 40 mph. The flex discs on my s430 appeared to be original, and look serviceable after I removed them, so the 100k flex disc should be replaced is a guideline, not necessarilyy are they in a mandatory risk area at 100k. at 11 years old and 140k, could not find any issues with the old ones.

*if your 4matic is from the north, and has original flex discs, be prepared to not be able to separate the flex disc from the transfer case. I ended up taking my transfer case cover off to finally get the flex disc off. A trick is to have the dealer replace the transfer case fluid, they will need to separate the flex disc, saving you the trouble, and in my case it was massive challenge. I am working under the car with only jack stands, dealer has the lift and special tools and experience....

* i can replace my front and rear flex discs in under 3 hours today, including putting the s430 on jack stands. I can do it in three hours only because the discs will break free as they are newly installed and I lubed the shafts when I installed them. If your discs are the original, might want to plan for a few days, that is what it took me to replace the originally installed discs. I should note this is a northern car and there was corrosion where the flex disc driveshaft inserts into the transfer case.

*good time to replace trans mount, you have to pull it to do this job so why not replace.... note the 4matic uses a different trans mount than the rwd w220s, and cost about $40 more than its rwd counterpart

Definitely a diy job, as the dealer wants $400 for the parts, you can get the same parts on-line for about $120. But be prepared if you have a northern 4matic or original flex discs, you may be in for a test of will, strength, and fortitude.
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