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I took my Butterscotch 1980 300D out on a Friday night - mistake - parked and returned to find nice smack on right front fender just behind wheel opening. Trim strip is bent - took most of impact - fender seems pretty straight - sort of. Going to locate replacement trim. Does trim strip screw in ala trunk strip or does it press in?

Hi Douglas.

It is amazing how careless some
people are.
If you would do the same thing to
their car it would set off WWIII.

The good news is that the metal
of the fender is ok.
The strip just pushes in, no screws.

The plastic pieces that hold the trim
are called red button clips by performance
Takes about 5-6 of them(not sure).
Just enter this #69-021 $0.40 ea.
The molding is #69-004 $29.90


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Speaking of parking lot souvenirs, I was parking at school and this girl just floored it and got there before I did (I was backing up). I confronted her and all but just pissed me off. I should have backed up some more so she'd hit my bumper on her door and get a dent. [}:)]
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