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just a feeler for now
still deciding when and what im going to sell.

Flat Hood Badge = Offer me
Chrome Door Pins/Lock = Offer Me
Black AMG Carpets (NOT AUTHENTIC! But looks really nice) = Offer Me
Clear SideMarkers = Offer me
Hi/Low/Park/Fogs Halogen Platinum White Bulbs = Offer Me (NOT HID!)
18" Brabus Moni VI Replica w/tires and w/ new H&R spacers and lug bolts = swap for your stock rims/wtires + cash
Custom Sound System DLS speakers and tweeters for the front, Alpine Speakers for the rear a 6 channel Amplifier and a 10" Rockford Punch Sub w/wires = Swap for your OEM speakers doesnt matter if it HK, BOSE or generic, and just take care of the removal and installation on my car plus alittle cash maybe(its like a free sound system if you know how to DIY)
MAGNAFLOW exhaust part# 14830 3 weeks old = offer me

REASON for this is i need a more spacious car all of a sudden. i had to get rid of my truck, i use it once/twice a month and i have a big dog that wont fit the c230k sedan. im thinking of swaping the car to a E-class Wagon or a C-class wagon, it just has to be a wagon or a range rover.

SHOOT ME offers then when i finally find my replacement ill let you know.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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