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Feeler: Racechip tuner chip for e350 or S350 Bluetec

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Car is about to go back so I am thinking of selling this tuner. Is there any interest?

Chiptuning for Mercedes E-Class 350 BlueTEC (US Spec) – RaceChip Chiptuning

I am going to ask $125 shipped.

Let me know!
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Which one of the three do you have? The standard model?

What can you say about the performance? Might entice more folks to take a look.
It is the standard model and let me just say that it turns the car into a beast. it drives normal if not pushed but when you get on it it feels like a different car!

Also, no issues like limp mode or any codes etc. 10 minute install and can be removed in 5 minutes before taking it in for service.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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