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Custom Rear Headrest Pillows?

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Hi folks,

So I was thinking of some ideas to make a longer journey in the back of the CLS a bit more special and comfortable.

Looking at the images of the new S-Class I really came to like the pillows on the rear headrests (attached to this tread). Seeing them in person at a local dealer sealed the deal.

I am busy working on a concept pillow which can be affixed to the rear headrests. Something a little more up-market looking than the one in the s-class with added comfort features. Some ideas about the design:

  • Alcantara or suede material in matching color to the interior.
  • Multi-layered interior design utilising soft foams, hollow fibre and/or feather down filling.
  • Folding side bolsters (like the comfort headrests) utilising custom hinge design

I will add more details as the project progresses. There are many pillows out there, but they are cheap and nasty looking, so the idea here is to create something that fits with the status of the car. Each of these will be handcrafted, and some custom options might be considered (such as contrasting stitching or embroidery).

How many of you would be interested in this for your own cars?


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