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Feeler: AVIC-D3 Pioneer In-Dash Navigation

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1x AVIC-D3 Pioneer In-Dash Navigation
1x PIONEER CD-I200 Direct Ipod Cable
2x Pioneer Avic D3 Navigation Disc
1x Bluetooth Wireless Adapter CD-BTB200
1x Universal Rear-View Camera ND-BC2
1x 6-Disc IP-Bus Multi-CD Player CDX-P680
All wiring harnes will be included for the following items

Full Spec here Pioneer USA - In-Dash Navigation

Units was used for less than 6 months and is in perfect working condition no scratches dings or dents

please email me at [email protected] or PM me with Offers

just took these pictures of the unit no scratches in prefect condition

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Heyyyy heyyy heyyy Kat we need to Chat :) hahaha

I will PM you now...
Do you have any pictures in the daytime so we can see what it looks like installed? Does it fit in the COMAND size hole or the Audio 10 size? (or are those the same)?
as Requested DAY SHOTS and it fits in the comand Size Hole or the audio 10 if you remove that little pocket under it.

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know you sold the unit already i like your installation. May i ask though, how did you install the unit? no malfunctions in other areas? steering wheel controls work? did you also install a can bus adapter? hope you can share your experiences with this unit i also want to install one on my 02 w203. thanks
If you have BOSE you will need to rewire everything to install an aftermarket stereo, FYI.
hi zeet. nope just the plain radio. i think it is because there is no fuse in the sound system space on the fuse box so i suppose there is no separate amp. can you share to me what is needed to install the pioneer head unit? any can bus adapters needed?
You only need the CAN-bus adapter if you want steering wheel controls. Pioneer and PAC both make one. Otherwise, on a pre-2004.5 you just need an ISO adapter to splice to the Pioneer harness, a T15 screwdriver and a fascia kit. Should be a super easy install without Bose, all the wiring goes right to the ISO connectors. I've only done that upgrade in a W210, did COMAND in my W203, but the W210 took less than an hour and was basically plug and play once I had made the harness.

Double-check for an amp in the back. It will have two orange fibers to it. Or you can pull the radio, it's easy to pull, and check for speaker wiring if you want to be totally certain.
ok pardon my ignorance but what is an ISO adapter. yes i think i want the steeering controls to work.THe fascia kit you mentioned, where can i get this?
thanks again ZEET
An example of one would be a Metra 70-1784. That will break out all the wiring on a pre-2004.5 W203, including speaker and power wires. If you have Bose (for the benefit of others searching), the speaker wires are not run since they have optical sound, but without Bose that should expose the speaker and needed power wires. There will be a third connector (the C-connector) with CAN-bus and CD changer connections that can be left disconnected if you put a stereo in. Then you will need trim to make the hole be DIN shape. Pioneer makes one: 12.301190-04 - Features - Pioneer Car Accessories - Car Entertainment It might be kind of hard to find in the USA, but you should be able to special order it. Then, for Pioneer there is the very hard to find interface for steering wheel controls: CA-R-PI.131 Pioneer Car Accessories - Car Entertainment That plugs into the C-connector and the back of the Pioneer unit, interfacing them. PAC also makes a unit that does this: Products
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2 questions.
1) can you still use the oem cd changer with this unit?
2) does anyone know which unit pioneer replaced the AVIC-D3 with?
I can answer the first: no. The OEM changer will only work with D2B hardware.
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