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I had planned to keep this one forever, and until I figure out my financial situation on Friday, I won't know whether I'm really selling this car or not. The import paperwork, carfax, tire wear and date codes corroborate the mileage to be approximately 76,000. It could be less, maybe a little more. A few things have come up for which I need cash, and the fact is that I haven't driven any of my 107 chassis cars as much as they should be driven. The exhaust is aftermarket stainless. The radio still doesn't work. There are a few very minor easily repairable rust spots. The original hardtop with creme interior is rotted along the bottom. So I got another with a palomino interior and matching exterior color. It's got the first aid kit, and an oem fire extinguisher. Vacuum euro headlights work and have no discoloration. I bought a new top, shifter bushings, spark plugs and hood pad for it but have not installed them yet. Since the heated seats don't seem to heat, I'm considering putting in either another good set of stock creme seats I have from a 1983 500sl AMG (rjmburgess's old one) or the custom colored Recaro seats I had made up for this car. I was thinking of bringing it as close to stock as possible and asking for "my number" but here's how it looks right now.

My captain insanity "number": $15,000. At this point I'm not even saying I want to sell at that number, and if all the goodies like the recaros are tossed in, maybe a replacement stereo and stuff like that, I'd want even more. If I'm really strapped for cash, it's possible I would take less. There's a lot still in play, but before I go and offer this on the European market or something like that, I thought I should offer it up to the forum members that have helped me so much.

I'm probably going to edit out that number above. So please don't quote it. I may even try and delete this entire thread. So you can PM me if you really want to talk numbers.

Others that I might also be looking to unload quickly:

- 1973 280se 4.5 w108 with sunroof. Passed inspection just this past week.

- 1979 450sl running project with rust, needing fuel system work and passenger exhaust manifold replacement.

- 1985 500se AMG (front lip in Houston). Driver quality, upgrading to gen2 interior that I'm pulling from a 1989 300se w126. I have collected parts to convert this to a manual transmission including a Gerrag 265 and w126 pedals.

- 1992 500sl r129 want to sell asap $4200 obo, working top hydraulics, ready to drive and enjoy for summer. AC must have leak since I recharged once last summer and worked for a while. Recommend converting to r134 from r12.

- 1980 280se 4-speed manual transmission.

There are others, but those are at the top of the list, most ready to go, most worth noting, especially in a 107 forum. My junk w140, W124 wagon, and Other crap.
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