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Hello guys, so today i found that i have this fault codes, can you guys help me to fix the problems?

P1630 - drive authority signal
P1625 - EDC diesel malfunction indicator lamp
P1335 - Crankshaft position sensor L5/6
P1470 - Intake pressure or boost pressure control
P1615 - Control module supply voltage
P1223 - Distributer shaft position sensor Y23/2|2
P1475 - Resonance intake manifold switchover valve Y22/6
P1476 - Resonance flap intake pipe Y22/7
P0180 - Fuel Temperature Sensor A Circuit Malfunction
P1622 - Injection pump shut-off valve
B1470 - Fuel Level Sensor -Open or shorted
B1471 - Ambient Temperature Sensor Open or shorted
B1753 -
B1260 -
B1261 -
B1480 -
B1481 - HRA: Part E2m1 (Right headlamp range adjustment motor) has short to ground
B1227 - Outside temperature indicator temp sensor (014)
B1231 - ECT sensor (B11/4)
B1422 - Series interface (K1) connection to instrument cluster (A1)


1 - 3 of 3 Posts