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Thanks for posting. That's amazing.

It looks so real. The hood looks a little odd, but otherwise, that's dead on.
WOW ... now that is craftsmanship. Very hideous, yet very skilled.
seen this before on here. Cool stuff though.
That fabricator indeed deserves a pat on the back. A shame he stayed with such an out of date powerplant, but otherwise a great show of fab skills.
As Previously stated, the guy deserves a pat on the back,... and let's see how the court proceedings go[:D]
Welcome to 1999 [:D]

But yeah, great job on the bodywork and interior. Must've taken a lot of time and money. I see that the car is registered in
great great great work. I wonder why he didn't have those exhausts on the sides just like the real ones [?]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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