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Factory vs aftermarket extended warranty

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I just purchased my 2012 CLS 550 from my lease. Is there a difference between a factory extended warranty and an aftermarket one?

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I have just purchased my 2010 CLS63 AMG. I have gone through lots and lots of researching hours regarding the warranty, and came up to a conclusion that buying an MB dealer extended warranty worth every penny.
below is how I came up with this result:
MB extended warranty Cons is "expensive". I paid about $5K CAD for 2 years (up to 160k km of car life). which is A LOT compared to a third party quote $3.5k CAD for 3 years (80k km starting the day you buy the car).
now here is why you never buy a third party extended warranty (and this applies to most 3rd party insurance policies):
1- You cant take the car to any garage, it has to be approved by the company.
2- You cant start fixing the car until you/the technician send a complete description of the problem documented with images . and Always they ask for more info & pics which take more time and makes it more painful!
3- The fine print of %99.99 of policies says "******** could decide, depending on availability, to replace a damaged part with a new part (OEM), a certified aftermarket part, a used or a rebuilt part of a similar quality. ******** reserves the right to choose the method of repairing and supplying of all parts."
this means if they wish they can keep the car disable until they ship you a refurbished replacement that might still give the same error code that was annoying you to start with!!!!
4- They will NEVER pay MB dealer labor hours rates as they have freaking estimators who have no sense at all!!! (also they want to reduce their cost in all fairness).
5- no matter they say you are covered "Bumper to Bumper" IT'S A LIE!! exclusions are very important, and with vehicles like AMG sensors are always breaking down. and they are not covered by those people.

None of the above is encountered with MB extended warranty.
just take your car to ANY MB dealership and they'll take care of it with OEM parts that you can trust.
And this is why it's worth it to pay a bit extra and get it.

And remember, the extended warranty is give you a piece of mind, not to burn your nerves collecting your rights.

I hope this helps, and attached is my new AMG that I love EVERY bolt in it!.


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