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Factory 8-hole question

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Hey guys. I have a question. On the contrary to other W124.5s I've seen, versions such as the one in the first picture, their 8-hole factories seem to be alot more shinier than mine, as in they look like they have the sort of stainless steel shiny look and when I hand washed my car mine seemed to be a bit dull...up close the looked like they were pretty worn, that is they looked scratched, like somebody just took sand paper to them, though not as extreme...I tried my best to portray what I mean with my car vs the other example. How do I make my wheels that shiny? Do I have to buy new ones or do I have to get them fixed or something...

Your help = strongly appreciated. I'll try and get some better pictures regarding the condition of my wheels.

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mcbear said:
I am getting ready to have a set of wheels re finished and was told that there are a couple of very good new HARD clearcoats out there that will make the wheels finish last longer.

It is not only the brushes at the carwash that kicks their ass, it is also the cleaner they use to clean off the brakedust. The combo - cleaner then brushes is death that the factory coating.

I will update as I get further into the process.

That would be fantastic. Keep me updated please! lol
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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