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1985 380sl - charcoal grey w/lt grey interior
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my 2000 E320 transmission shifter was stuck in "P" so i purchased an OEM mercedes brake light switch on ebay for $16.

i installed it this afternoon.

after removing the 4 screws under the dash and removing the drivers heater vent (which is located just to the right of the gas pedal), i was able to unclip the lower dash knee panel and lower it far enough to get my hands up into the area where the switch is located.

good flashlight is recommended.

**what is frustrating to me is when previous DIY information is incorrect...i was following one of the DIY switch installs on this forum and there was a lot of important info left out or mis-information written....**the DIY explained that once the screws and heater plate are removed, the dash knee panel simply unclips from the upper dash. in reality, the dash knee panel takes a considerable amount of pulling down and working the panel left to right to get the clips to unsnap out of the main dash panel...also it was explained that the switch is located "behind" the pedal and hard to get to which is not correct...the switch is located just to the left of the pedal and is very easy to get to - once i had the dash panel lowered which took 3 minutes it took me 3 minutes to install the switch and 3 minutes to re-install the dash panel so this is a 10 minute job.

**i recommend a piece of wood cut to proper length so it can be used to depress the brake pedal so install is easy and done by 1 person...i wedged a piece of wood between the pedal and steering wheel and this worked great to hold the pedal down far enough to get the new switch in place.

when i have time i will try and put the link to the DIY that had the incorrect info. so nobody else gets confused.

***the shifter works great now!!
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