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F.S. WISCONSIN 1985 Mercedes 300D parts

I’m sorry for this being my first post here.

1985 Mercedes 300D parts

I recently bought a 1985 300D with 122-125K on the car.
It hit a snow bank a few winters ago and has sat since.
I bought it for the OM617 turbo diesel I’m keeping the engine.

I will not scrap this nice car.
I am parting it out. or hole

Great parts
4 power doors
Great front and read glass
Nice leather seats could use a good cleaning.
CV axles
All steering parts and suspension as well.

I would sell the whole thing but I will also part out.

I will ship but is it on your dime

oh i am on peach/ pelacan as well as yota tech

here is my use for the om617

My OM617 inside build page - Page 5 - YotaTech Forums


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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