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I recently met a person who's selling his 19 inch AMG Monoblock 2's. Yep, that's right. Everything is in excellent condition. So here i am posting this thread to see who might be interested in mine. Cause obviously, i can't afford to just buy them and let my set of wheels just sit here.

I have the 17 inch AMG 5 Spoke 170.

It has NEAR NEW TIRES. Roughly about 1,500 highway miles on the tires. FALKEN FK452
Front: 225/45/17
Rear: 245/40/17

ALL FOUR WHEELS do have major curb rash. Only at the lips. no bends, or structural damage. The previous owner of the car had the worst parking skills. What a mofo.

I brought the wheels to a famous high end wheel repair shop, and they quoted me $80 to completely refinished each wheel. What a deal right?

Anyways... I'm planning to let them go for $1000 plus shipping. The tires alone was about $450. So you're basically paying $550 for all four wheels. Anyone interested?

I never shipped out WHEELS & TIRES before. so if you can come up with local pick-up or some cheap way to have the wheels and tires shipped. then by all means, i'm glad to work things out.

let me know.

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