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F/S: 1994 E320 W124 Sportline Leather Interior Pebble - Mushroom - Parchment (275)
1994 E320 heated Sportline seats in code 275, which is Pebble/Mushroom/Parchment leather. The entire interior is available except for the door panels. I believe that these are exactly the same as the 500E seats with the exception of the pleat pattern.
The Sportline seats give more support so as to make those long distance drives more comfortable not to mention they hold you in place when gpoing around corners. Put 500E sway bars and Bilsteins and you'll see what I mean about the need to be held in place when cornering.
Excellent condition with all the electronics, including memory, functioning correctly. No rips or tears, they're off a 45,000 mile car. The leather is soft and supple.
The arm rest has the flip top box where the rare (and unusable) analog phone resided, now it's a good place to keep coins, etc.
A rare opportunity to upgrade your standard seats to Sportline specs and genuine leather, or maybe you want to do a complete color change. Or add heated seats, complete down to the switches and last available wiring harness. No looking around here and there for this and that part, it's all here, down to the last nut and bolt.
All other interior parts are available too; all three sun visors, center roll top box, etc., etc., everything, to the smallest part!!! Even the rear sunshade.
This is off the car I bought with the rusted spring perches before I went to Poland for 2 months.
They are pretty easy to install. Each front seat has 4 10mm fasteners and 2 (I think 2, maybe 3) plugs while the rear seat has around 6 fasteners. I removed both front and rear seats in 15 minutes with no help. It would have been faster but I was too lazy to get up and get a ratchet, so I just used a wrench.
What doesn't sell goes into the trash, I'd hate to toss away stuff but I have no room to store parts for cars I don't have.

I'm thinking about $600 for the entire interior including the motors, switches, and electronics but you tell me if that's fair. Or more importantly, you tell me what you'd like to pay, fair or not. BTW, if you need a few other small parts here and there let me know and I'll throw them in at no charge.

Shipping from 60025 (Chicago area) or pickup and depending on where you are I may consider delivery.

I also have:
17" AMG CLK wheels. 8.5 and 7.5
A NOS in the Mercedes wrapper rubber bumper face bar (A124 885 1021).
An excellent running M103 engine with all electronics.
Burlwood interior.
Lighted door sills "Mercedes Benz."
and the rest of a complete 300E that I am parting out or throwing away.

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I know this is going to sound silly,but do you think you can ship the to UK?
If so I`d be very interested,but I`d need the heated seats and switches inc console as I don`t have them on mine
Let me know please

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What color int is the 300e?
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