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Euro Exhaust for 1991-1995 500E and 400E.
This is the Non Cat system that is virtually unavailable in the US. The dealers will not (cannot) order it and to have it shipped over would cost a fortune, and that's if even you can find a dealer who will sell one to you let alone bother to ship it.
This is a new, never installed, Mercedes item bought from a dealer in Vienna Austria (Wiesenthal) and pretty much carried back. It comes with the necessary bracket. The Mercedes part number stickers are still on the items.
The part number for the pipes is 124 490 19 20 and the bracket is 124 492 59 41. Included is a O2 bung (Moroso) that you would need to weld in.

This should get you over 10 extra HP not to mention a weight savings of about 40 lbs I think.

Again, this is genuine new M-B. No worries about "making it fit" or having Stasiu's Muffler, Brake and Deli cobble one together out of spare tubing. This is the real thing. Cheapest HP for the buck.

I also have a used Cat system (from exhaust manifold to the center resonator) from a 1992 500E, it has less than 44K miles on it and worked fine until the car got totaled out. This will also fit a 400E.
$625. for the Euro system (pipes, bracket and bung).
$500. for the Cat system (pipes) - new cost for part number 124 490 99 20 is several thousand dollars.
You pay UPS costs from 61032 or pickup in the Chicago or Northern Illinois area.

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