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86' 420sel AND A 89' 420SEL
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good morning!!!
i have managed to stock pile a bunch of relays. i can't lisst all of them but the #'s are all there in the pic.s. if you need one let me know and ill tell you if i still have it. i am 98% sure they all are in working condition. if there are any problems, i do have duplicates of most of them and will replace it or your $$$. i have a few more fuel pump relays laying around somewhere. so if you dont see yours, sdont hesitate to ask.
30$ each +shipping i figure its better then ebay. i personally trust us forum people more then i do ebay. if you want to buy them all or a couple let me know and we can see if we can work something out.
thanks a bunch guys (or ladies, if it applies)!!!!!
-cali420 :thumbsup:


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