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1993 600 SEC, 2001 G500
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1993 Mercedes-Benz S600 Coupe
V12 389 bhp 6.0 liter engine
99,500 miles

Also known as a 600 SEC.
In 1993 Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart ordered all new vehicles not yet sold to be re-badged
with the letter designation before the engine size, hence the 600 SEC became the S600.

This car was ordered for a popular television/film actor/comedian and was delivered new to
him in June of 1994. There were only 159 delivered to the US for the 1993 model year.
The owner paid over $140,000 for this car and kept it until 1998 when my father bought it from him.
I acquired it in October 2003. Thus there have been only 3 owners.
The original owner put less than 19,000 miles on it when my father bought it. My father put 68,000 miles on it, and since 2003, I have driven it only 12,000 miles. This car has been garaged every day of it's life.
Without question, this is built the way Mercedes used to be before the Daimler-Chrysler merger.

Some of the standard options on this amazing car:

-Rear electric sunshade
-power side mirrors
-double paned glass for security
-factory diplomatic tint (for heads of state)
-trunk close assist
-electric heated seats
-in dash cel phone w/handset in armrest (analog)
-11 speaker BOSE stereo.
-All leather black interior
-Brabus wood/leather steering wheel

I am including 2 car covers (indoor, outdoor)
brand new floor mats (unused)
Battery Tender Plus Trickle Charger (battery is huge)

Without question, this is the best car I have ever owned.
It is not for the mild mannered, though.
It has effortless power and could get you into a situation
since it is begs you to hit the pedal.
All Mercedes enthusiasts and mechanics know that this car is a beast
and is built like a bank vault. It is ideally a highway cruiser or an Autobahn slicer
depending what country you are in. I am expecting that somewhat who knows German
engineering will appreciate this brute of a car.
Maintenance isn't cheap, but it is no more expensive than a V8 Mercedes.
All parts are available, especially here in SoCal. I have had my personal mechanic
service it as well as all my vehicles for over 30 years.

It is a 1993, so it is used, but with only 99,500 miles it is barely broken in.
This car was also hand built (1993 and 1994) and the engine is a marvel in the
legacy of Mercedes-Benz's commitment to over-engineering at any cost.

I also have this vehicle listed on eBay in the eBay Motors site. (600 Series)
There are 24 pics on there and more info. Type in # 200547068242 in the search box
Please contact me if you are interest
Home-310 457-4530 (first)
Cel- 805 236-5517 (second)
email: [email protected]

Thanks very much and I hope this amazing car goes to the right home!


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Your the same guy who said on ebay that your father had already sold his car and thats why you were selling the lorinser wheels. Which is it?

Explain this, how did your father pay "$8000.00" for a set of rims that were on a car that was "always garaged" but now they look like they have been pulled behind a dump truck for the last 12 years and been spit with acid?

Buyer beware. :rolleyes:

1993 600 SEC, 2001 G500
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Clearly you are completely misinformed or not very smart, because if you had read my entries on eBay you would have understood the posts.
I listed the S600 and the Lorinser rims separately because I took the Lorinser rims off the car because they were getting old, they hadn't been re-chromed, and they just are not to my liking. My father did pay 8k for them way back in 1998, and no, they have not been touched since. If you know anything about chrome rims, then you know that they oxidize as time goes by. I also live on the beach and the ocean air is not good for anything chromed, even in the garage. I prefer their original stock rims. I had listed the vehicle and the rims this past summer, but I had to go back to Europe to work and I didn't get the chance to sell them, so now that I am back in the US for the holidays, I thought I would list them that clear to you?
Why you would make such incorrect statements on a public forum like this is shameful and immature. Maybe you could take a course in civility and learn to be a gentleman, because uninformed people like you certainly know how to put your foot in your mouth all too easily.
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