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check this.
MB bangladesh has a 40,000 EUROS profit markup. my broke ass couldnt afford a c32 so i went up and asked for a quote on a c200k with an avantegarde trim,automatic shift,lthr,climate,memory seats,powered mirrors,in dash single cd,AMG kit n wheels.those buggers broswed their rigs for the latest prices n told me its gonna set me back by 90,000 EUROS. i was so bloody shocked that i couldnt even show them the fingers.for dat kindda money you can pickup 2 brand new volvo s80's in this part of the world.but then again a volvo wasnt meant to be an extension to your masculine membrane. anyways i took myself to london a month l8r n found this woman in barnet selling her c240.its a 2002 uk spec,Bsilver,black lthr int,climate,memory and heated seats, powered steering tilt.retract,single cd, speedshift,retractable powered side mirrors,rain sensors,daylight sensors,illuminated door sills, phone kit, 80% window tints,elegance trim, has 13000 miles on the clock and a steal for me @11,000 GBP cuz she was moving off to the states an needed to get rid off it. i paid bout' roughly the same ammount bringin' it in and was still inside the 40G bracket.however my cars still missin' the one ingredient i wanted the most..the amg kit. i cudnt be assed to go down to the dealer here again so i mailed MB india regarding the issue twice already, but my mails bounced back with an attachment containing a virus both da i'd really appreciate if any one of you guys could tell me where i could hold of an AMG kit for my car, preferrably in the uk.
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