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F-1 Factbox: Failed teams
Eurosport - Tue, 06 May 16:40:00 2008
Following Super Aguri's announcement that they were withdrawing from the Formula One championship, here is a list of teams that have folded or changed ownership in recent years.

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* At the end of 2005, the Jordan and Minardi names disappeared from Formula One while Sauber were bought by BMW.

Jordan were on the brink of collapse when rescued by Midland while struggling Minardi were bought by Red Bull and renamed Toro Rosso. Midland then became Spyker at the end of 2006 and Force India in 2008.

* Ford, who had bought Stewart in 1999, announced in September 2004 that they were pulling out of Formula One. They sold their Jaguar team to Red Bull energy drink billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, with that team now competing as Red Bull Racing.

* The Arrows team went into liquidation in January 2003 after being barred from the championship.

They had withdrawn from the Belgian Grand Prix and missed the last five races of the 2002 season. In 25 years in Formula One, and 382 starts, they never won a race.

* The Prost team founded by France's four times world champion Alain Prost were declared bankrupt in January 2002.

They had entered the sport in 1997 after Prost bought the race-winning Ligier team at the end of 1996.

* Former champions Tyrrell disappeared as a racing name in 1998 after being sold to British American Racing. That team is now Honda F1.

* Lola departed in 1993 but returned briefly in 1997 before pulling out on the eve of the second race of the season and going into liquidation. Neither of their cars had qualified for the season-opener.

* Former champions Lotus shut up shop in January 1995. Team founder Colin Chapman had died of a heart attack in 1982 but they were still a good enough team for Brazilian Ayrton Senna to take his first win with them in 1985.

* British-based Simtek also went into receivership in 1995 after promised sponsorship dried up while Italian-based Forti were wound up in mid 1996.

* Italy's Andrea Moda team were banned from the 1992 championship for tarnishing the image of the sport after team boss Antonio Sassetti was arrested and charged with fraud. They had previously been known as Coloni.

* Former champions Brabham, founded by Australian world champion Jack Brabham and once owned by Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone, failed in 1992 after being sold to a Swiss financier who was subsequently jailed for fraud. That same year they gave future champion Damon Hill his F1 debut.

* Pacific raced in 1994 and 1995 and then closed, while Larrousse withdrew in 1994. March and Dallara both left the scene in 1992, AGS in 1991. EuroBrun folded in 1990.

* Other teams to have departed over the years include BRM, Cooper, Fittipaldi, Hesketh, Matra, Osella, Shadow, Vanwall, Wolf and Zakspeed.


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I wouldn't pretend to know all of the failed teams left off the list but Larousse/Lamborghini comes to mind.
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