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Extremely dim lowbeam

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Hello guys,

I own a 2008 B-200 Turbo and I'm experiencing a very dim light lowbeam issue.

It makes my night driving quite dangerous since i can't see anything.

After trying new H7 headbulbs, I didn't see any improvement. My projector lens looks very milky, can I disassemble it to clean it up ?

Since i never did it, i don't even know how to remove the whole headlight assembly. Is there a tutorial out there ? I tried my luck on google but no result.

Thanks !
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Please go to your "user CP" and fill in your profile..(very handy for us here)..

I have an aftermarket HID B Class conversion kit and it's been working perfectly for ~ 10 years now.. Get the right kit for the right car..

Everything comes off quite easily. Remove the black plastic at the top of the light housing and remove the few bolts that hold the whole light unit in there. You'll probably have to change the whole unit..(scrapyard)

Remove the black plastic under skirt and just start removing the attachment bolts. The bumper (or bumper skin..?) comes off easily.
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