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Extremely dim lowbeam

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Hello guys,

I own a 2008 B-200 Turbo and I'm experiencing a very dim light lowbeam issue.

It makes my night driving quite dangerous since i can't see anything.

After trying new H7 headbulbs, I didn't see any improvement. My projector lens looks very milky, can I disassemble it to clean it up ?

Since i never did it, i don't even know how to remove the whole headlight assembly. Is there a tutorial out there ? I tried my luck on google but no result.

Thanks !
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after investigation,

it appeared the previous owners installed aftermarket HID lights, they burned the projector lens and the housing was fixed with some epoxy. which broke into my hand.

Can i just buy new projector lens or do i have to replace the whole unit ?

also how the hell do you remove the front bumper ?
my bad ! it's done now :)

looks like the one the guys used wasn't compatible ... he left the ballasts in the car.

anyway, thanks for the help. I will give it a try to remove the bumper so I can access the last screw who stops me to disassemble the headlights.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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