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Exterior Window Trim Peeling

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On all four doors, at the base of the glass there is a rubber trim piece; a sweep if you will. Just below the rubber sweep is a trim piece that has a nice gloss finish, but it's not paint. That plastic gloss finish is peeling on my driver door and rear passenger door. It looks HORRIBLE! Has anyone else had this issue? It's out of warranty. The dealer said the rear was ~$250 and the front was ~$230.

That's ridiculous.

In all honesty, it's began peeling very suddenly about a year ago, and now peels at a steady few millimeters per week.

What do you guys think? Any solutions?


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Hi D Jameson,

I had exactly the same peeling condition on my 2008 ML550.

I actually prefer the non-shiny look of the rubber sweeps after the plastic peeled off. :thumbsup:

I just waited about one year for all the peeling to be completed by Mother Nature.

I also used a very thin credit-type card, and placed it between the peeling plastic finish and the rubber..... it really sped up the process of removal.

The resulting matte finish looks way better than the shiny OEM finish IMHO. :grin

The only issue is that it looks pretty rough until all the plastic peels off.

Blessings, Arctic
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