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How To: Restore Exterior Trim

As your ride's exterior ages, rubber, plastic and vinyl exterior hardware of all colors will dry, crack, flake and deteriorate. This oxidation can be stopped and reversed with Mothers® Back-to-Black®, our favorite auto-care concoction. This trim treatment is great for all sorts of exterior hardware in all colors — bumpers, molding, louvers, window trim, vents, seals, skirts, door handles, wiper arms — anything that's plastic, rubber or vinyl. Apply Back-to-Black® to sun-burnt plastic, rubber and vinyl to revive the factory-new sheen, then re-treat that exterior hardware regularly.

Unpainted plastic body cladding of all colors, rubber and vinyl trim ... restore and protect with Back-to-Black...

Proper car care means maintaining and cleaning all aspects of your vehicle, including this exterior trim. These trim pieces can get unsightly with age, and remember they're very expensive to replace.

Mothers® Back-to-Black® is a great example of a formula created to restore all sorts of exterior trim.

First of all, make sure you are working with a clean, dry and cool surface.

Pour the product onto a soft, dry microfiber towel or terry cloth towel, and apply liberally — massaging the product thoroughly onto the surface.

Allow the product to dry, and then buff with a soft microfiber or terry cloth towel.

To avoid the dreaded wax residue on trim, apply Mothers® Back-to-Black® before waxing.

Should any streaking occur, some additional buffing, or another application may be required.

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