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Exterior Thermometer on 560 SEC

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I haven't been able to get a read-out on the digital display for the exterior temperature on my instrument cluster, and I am wondering whether I even have a thermometer on my car at all, or if it's just malfunctioning. Could someone describe to me, or show a picture to me of where the thermometer is located on the car, so I can see if I have one or not?
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Facing the car feel behind the tag/plate mount, you’ll feel a cable coming through the bumper and attaching to the tag/plate mount on the passenger side. Or, if you don’t feel a cable coming out of the bumper, I guess you don’t have one. The high tech configuration is the same for both generation cars.
All 560SEC's came stock w/ them. They should where JDC described, but sometimes people move them, so poke around up front.. The wire isn't but so long thus there are limited choices for mounting.

Most of the time it's the digital display that dies.

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