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Hello all,

I'm new to the Benz world and Mercedes Benz cars. Used to owning Jaguars and moved into a 2006 E350 about two month ago. I really enjoy this forum and I think the feedback in it and the sense of community is great. Anyway, I need some guidance and experienced thoughts from some of you.

I bought a body kit for the 2006 E350 that is duraflex from this website. 03-On Mercedes E-Class W211 Body Kits I searched and called these guys and they were informative and gave me a break on the price so I got the kit. which is the Lorinser style F1 edition, F bumper, R, bumper, Fenders and Skirts. It was pricey, but I like the look on it.
Here are my dillama,

- I'm trying to get a CL sports grille for the w211 and there are plenty out there, the dealer sells one for over $400, on Ebay, they start at $100. I need to get a good one that has the big star in the middle and mesh behind it. Any recommendations? I browsed thru the forum and the net and there is alot of junk.

- The kit that I bought came yesterday and the rear bumper was missing the mesh, same as the fenders and the skirts, where can I get some mesh for those parts. I called the people I bought it from and they wanted pictures and exchanged emails, etc so I'm thinking of just buying some mesh.

- The kit doesn't have the muffler tip or the fog light to go with the style, where can I buy these part. I want to get the fog light to look exactly as pictured in the kit model and I don't want computer errors. - The dealer in Tampa sucks and every time I go there, they want the car there for days. I saw some lorinser mufflers on the net for $2400 which is crazy, I just want the tip :)

- The paint shop that I went to, wants $2200 to prep, paint and install the kit. Is that a fair amount? is it expensive?

I'm sorry I'm not knowledgeable about cars like some of you, but I'm trying to learn and I'm really excited about my car and I'm falling in love with it as time goes by. I already installed 20" Rims and H+R lowering springs and the car looks great. I think with the new kit, the car will shine.

I appreciate the advise.

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