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Extended warranty food for thought

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So I have been waiting to get to 49,500 to get my last free service before I go on MB extended warranty. Last week I noticed my '02 320 didn't upshift. Tried to do it manually and nothing happened. Figuring it was a "brain cramp", I shut down and restarted. Transmission fine.

Monday, same thing happened. Called my SA to get this looked at and get my last service done, no big deal? Wrong. The electronic controller was sending upshift fault signals. They have ordered the part. After they install, they run the test again. If it is still sending, they replace the transmission.

Imagine this a month later with no warranty.
Electronic controller, $1500. Transmission, $3000. Extended warranty? Priceless. Great Tysinger SA? Double priceless.
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Let's pretend $2000 US isn't a lot of money....If you buy the MB warranty and you sell the truck, the warranty is transferable. If you keep the truck, you have disaster coverage. When you reach 100k, it's not worth anything, anyway.

And an editorial comment;

I have been a "fan" of Mercedes for decades. I have always excused "sorting out" issues for luxury items. I am treated very well by my dealer. However, it is time for heads to leave the clouds, end denial, and quit accepting "yes, but" responses. MB reliability, across lines (do the research, I have), is unacceptable.

As much as I hate to be a boobird, when your $45,000 vehicle starts having problems that could leave you or your loved ones stuck in the middle of nowhere and cost you 4 large to fix, it's not cute anymore. And I am protected by a big warranty. Are you?

Buy a 1st year 164? Are you nuts? Let a hint to the wise be sufficient.
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