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Extended warranty food for thought

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So I have been waiting to get to 49,500 to get my last free service before I go on MB extended warranty. Last week I noticed my '02 320 didn't upshift. Tried to do it manually and nothing happened. Figuring it was a "brain cramp", I shut down and restarted. Transmission fine.

Monday, same thing happened. Called my SA to get this looked at and get my last service done, no big deal? Wrong. The electronic controller was sending upshift fault signals. They have ordered the part. After they install, they run the test again. If it is still sending, they replace the transmission.

Imagine this a month later with no warranty.
Electronic controller, $1500. Transmission, $3000. Extended warranty? Priceless. Great Tysinger SA? Double priceless.
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I bought the extended warranty ...

I bought the extended warranty to be sure I didn’t get caught with a problem. Before purchasing it I had quite a few problems and just couldn’t imagine not having warranty. It was to the point that I was looking t see the truck but the resale was so bad that it also didn’t make sense. Hence the extended warranty! Now for the punch line, since getting on the extended warranty I haven’t had any problems, but it hasn’t been long either.

Man do I hear you ...

I hear you and I think many others do as well which explains the resale values we are seeing. What is interesting is talking to a friend of mine recently he told me that BMW is even worse! So much for the ultimate driving machine!
Be sure to research the Infinity ...

Another friend of mine knows the former local Infinity dealers chief mechanic. He doesn't have anything good to say about the G35 Coupe for reliability. The topic didn’t get to any of the other vehicles but he left the dealership over the lack of quality. Dig deep into the research pile before you make the jump.

For me it came down to the fact that aside from the loss of confidence and resale value I have a hard time finding a decent replacement that covers the key points I want.

Good luck!
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